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While the initial customer service representative sounded polite and prided the company of their “professionalism, small, and family owned and operated company.” I can tell you this was the furthest thing from the truth. The representative lured us into signing the contract by assuring us that the transport would arrive by Thursday, but by Saturday at the latest. This was fine as we were leaving our destination Sunday morning and we wanted to be here when the vehicle was loaded. They happily billed our credit card after assuring us that the transporter would arrive to the house by the time we left Sunday. They also mentioned pick-up would likely happen between Monday and Thursday. Two days went by and we heard nothing from the company.

We tried calling the company and said “we made a mistake and need to ship your vehicle in an open carrier instead of an enclosed carrier.” They gave us the option to pay another $250 to upgrade to an enclosed carrier AFTER we had signed a contract with a set price that clearly stipulated the vehicle would be transported in an enclosed carrier. We said we wanted the vehicle transported for $800 and per the contracts specifications. We called the friendly sales associate who had previously helped us and asked her what was going on. She admitted to giving us the “wrong price” for the enclosed carrier and said she mixed the shipping costs up but said they would “honor the price”. She assured us the vehicle would be transported by the end of the week and said she will personally call us with the transport information. This never happened.

The day before we were to leave the house we called the company. The customer service representative was extremely rude, would not answer any questions, and continued to talk over me. After 15 minutes on the telephone with her I asked to speak with a manager. The “manager” Michelle RUDELY answered the phone and said “WHATS THE PROBLEM?” She accused me of swearing at her customer service representative and claimed the female was in tears and blamed us. I calmly tried to explain the situation and our concerns about not being at the house at the time the transport truck was supposed to arrive. Michelle continued to talk over me and said we would be billed for the service if we cancelled. She was rude to three different people who all tried to calmly explain the situation.

This company is the WORST I have ever dealt with and I would not recommend them to my worst enemy. We will likely be taking them to court in the future for violating their contract and not shipping the vehicle via the enclosed method that the contract stipulated.

I urge anyone looking for a transport service to AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS.

This reviewer shared experience about "violation of contract, rude customer service, costly" and wants this business to "void contract" as the author lost $1200. The author is overall dissatisfied with Auto Transport 123. The most disappointing about car shipping from Auto Transport 123 was lied, costly and violation of contract Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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