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I called Auto Transport 123 on Wednesday March 5, 2014 at 10:26am looking for a price quote to move a car across country for a military move. I spoke with a man named Tom, who identified himself as the son of the owner. He was very nice when I spoke with him and gave me a reasonable quote. When I asked him what time frame I would be looking at for the vehicle's pick up he said that he couldn't give me a time frame without me paying a portion of their fees (as he couldn't start looking up trucks without the money). I told him I was still shopping around and that I would call him back if we decided to go with his company. I continued my shopping around but not without his company calling me back 2 more times in less than 2 hours and while I was on the line with other companies.

I ended up finding another company that was charging slightly more, but was willing to give us a military discount which ended up making it $20 less than the quote 123 gave me. $20... that's it. The reason I went with the company I decided to go with was because they could have a truck at my home to pick up my vehicle in less than 2 hours. This worked out the best for us as we are moving soon, and it also made the drop off date of my vehicle on a convenient day for my mother-in-law, who was receiving the car on our behalf. This company worked out best for us, not for the $20 difference in price but because of the pickup and delivery dates. Simple as that.

The very next day, while I was at an appointment, 123 began calling again. Since I was at an appointment I did not answer the phone. They called at 9:12, 9:38, 10:16, 11:01 and finally at 11:33- which I answered. The phone call went like this:

Tom: Hi, this is Tom with Auto transport 123, I was just calling to check and see if you had decided on a company

Me: Yes, sir, we did. We found another company who could pick up the day I called and it made the drop off date convenient for my mother-in-law

Tom: I never gave you a drop off date for the vehicle so that had nothing to do with it. It's because it was cheaper, wasn't it? How much did they charge you? (dead... serious... that is how he was speaking to me. I had him on speaker and my husband stopped dead in his tracks and looked at me like WTF.)

Me: Well, no sir. The prices were just about the same. Only about $20 cheaper. It really had to do with the drop off date.

Tom: (he interrupted me)... Why don't you just admit it! It was because of the price. You have no clue when we could have gotten there. You went with the cheaper company! ADMIT IT!

Me: umm... wha?.... ex... excuse me? Tom: *voice getting louder* Just say it!.... (at that point my husband snatched the phone from my hand and hung up on him- saying I didn't owe him an answer nor did I deserve to be berated in such a way.)

All I have to say is AVOID THIS COMPANY! If this is how they treat people who are/were perspective clients, I dread to think of the way they treat people who they already got money out of if, especially if their move didn't go properly. This man, the owners son, has zero respect, professionalism, and obviously has anger issues. I never committed to this company, I simply got a price quote, and was bullied, called repeated, and then yelled at and harassed once he learned I went with someone else. I am SO glad I didn't choose this company. It appears that I dodged a bullet with them.

This owner, Keith, seems to be replying to all the negative review on YELP with an attitude I can expect out of the person who raised Tom. He says look at "proper and real reviews" and that it's obvious anyone who writes anything negative is from a competitors company?? I'm not from some competitors company, I'm a military wife of a 17 year veteran! If you need further proof look up their C- BBB accreditation!

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Hate this company. Just placed an order, was given a guaranteed pick up date range of three days.

3 days go by and nothing is picked up. I asked to cancel my order then they tell me it's $100!!!! So they didn't live up to their end of the deal, and they charge me anyway?

This is f'ing ridiculous. I'm so pissed off.


That is the same exact thing that happened to me just now. There "son" was telling me how all these companies are frauds and they serve the military.

I told them how much another company was gonna charge me and all he did was smear the company and send me links to show how bad the company was. So I looked up the other company on the BBB and there grade was a B-. I looked up AT123 and they aren't even accredited. They still couldn't beat there competitors price and thought they were giving me a good deal at 200.


The promise of GPS tracking on my car and a 50,000 dollar insurance coverage. Bottom line is I'm glad I read this review, and did some more research on this company.

Denver, Colorado, United States #909332

They all say they are the owners son! Beware of these frauds. Terrible people

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